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Administrative Office

Mfrs. Shaik Ismail & Son
#6, Ramanuja Iyer Street,
Chennai - 600 021.

+91 9840075250

About Us

About Bavuta Beedi

The Bavuta Beedi company has a rich heritage of 116 years in business. The Beedi industry is filled with many spurious and counterfeit products. We at Bavuta Beedi had to strategically choose our business model to overcome that.

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Bavuta Beedi was founded in the year 1905 by Shaik Ismail Sahib

It was a time when industrialization was unheard of. Shaik Ismail Sahib is a committed entrepreneur who strongly believed in philanthropy and social responsibility and helped the poor and the needy.

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The Process

A Fascinating story behind the humble beedi

Beedi costs just 40 paise per piece, but the process of making a beedi is fascinating. It is a 100 percent natural product with even the paper used for ringing and the bag used for packing being made of recycled material.

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